Arts  Showcase 2021

A brief gallery of some of the amazing and diverse work of Arts students this year.

Geography and Environmental Studies

Introspection 1 by Jes Kelty Francis


This work is part of a larger series called Introspections on Climate Change, which explores the mental impact of climate anxiety on young people. Introspection 1 covers the omnipresence of the climate crisis in the lives of youth, where conversations jump from dread to the mundanity of daily life with little pause between.

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Visual Environment Contest Submission

by Sher Van Allen

The state of water security for Indigenous people in Canada is unacceptable and will only be exacerbated by climate change. Arctic communities can expect their freshwater resources to be diminished significantly as a result of changes to the hydrological cycle, glacier melt and permafrost thaw. The thawing permafrost will also cause infrastructure collapse in some areas, as well as release biological and chemical contaminants, that have been dormant for eons, into the water table. Water security also encompasses healthy ecosystems. These too are threatened by climate change as healthy ocean ecosystems face increased contamination, the loss of sea ice, ocean acidification and warming waters; all of which threaten the food security, the protection from predators, pupping grounds, and the health of species populations. I chose the face of an Inuit Elder to represent the communities who face a water crisis, as well as the need to incorporate traditional knowledge with western science, to effectively combat the impending crisis. The water/electrocardiograph was chosen to represent that water is essential for all life and must be treated as such.

Lettres françaises

by Janika Beausoleil

by Allison Harrod

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Visual Arts


"Take me to the next chapter"

Sculpter: Sammi Beaudoin


The Classical Ideal

by Noah Giancola

Carmilla: A Century in the Making

by Leyla Abdolell

Check out this video introduction by the author!


Ballade No.2 by Chopin- performed by Emily Hou

French as a Second Language

Employment Resources Project (FLS)

by Makenna Scott


by Elizabeth Jay

Despite the fact that over one in ten Canadians can trace their family history back to a British Immigrant or Home Child, few are aware of who these children were and what they lived through.

The Canadian Home Children Project (the CHCP) is a tool designed to help people reconnect with their past. It acts as an interactive guide providing information on who the Home Children were and how to find them again.


Spanish/English scientific/technical translation

by Carolyn Cormier