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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the functions of the SAFA. It is made up of the SAFA Executive and Representatives from each of the Member Associations. It manages the affairs of the SAFA including elections, Constitutional amendments, Financials, and more!

The Board meets on a monthly basis and is open to all members of the SAFA. For information about physical and virtual meeting spaces of the Board each month or any questions relating to the Board of Directors you can contact the Chairperson,

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Dates

26 June 2022 - 6pm

21 August 2022 - 6pm

18 September 2022 - 4pm

16 October 2022 - 4pm

20 November 2022 - 4pm

07 December 2022 - 7pm

22 January 2023 - 6pm

26 February 2023 - 6pm

19 March 2023 - 6pm

09 April 2023 - 6pm

Board Committees

The Constitutional Committee Reviews the Constitution, By Laws, Policy 5s, and other Governing Documents of the SAFA.

Chair: Anthony Butticci,


  • Anthony Butticci, SAFA

  • Ethan Coundenys, SAFA

  • Michaela Newell Santiago, SAFA

  • Rachel Burke, SAFA

  • Sierra Nediu, UPSA

  • Srishti Roy, SAFA

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