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It’s that time of year again folks! The SAFA is offering over $50,000 worth of scholarships for all students within the SAFA! Keep reading to get all scholarship related information


1 award of $1000

1 award of $750

2 awards of $500

1 award of $250

General Information

The Innovation Award is given to students who show their innovative creativity within the arts in response to the prompt. The application for the award should be creative as well as insightful. Submissions can be either a written document (maximum 500 words) or a creative work.

Scholarship Requirement:

How can your field of study change to become more relevant to the changing way which we understand humanity?

  • Answer may be a written response of no more than 500 words, or a creative piece accompanied by a description of no more than 150 words

All submissions can be sent to

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