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History Students' Association

This award is offered to students who are currently a major\minor or options in this specific program. 


All applications must be submitted by February 27, 2023, to

Scholarship Description

The HSA is offering a number of awards in three categories. 

Virtual Artifact Submission:

Win one of 7 awards up to $250 by submitting a 2 page critical analysis of an artifact found in a virtual museum exhibit (in Chicago format). Requires a title page and bibliography, as well as an image of the artifact attached. All applications must be submitted by February 27, 2023 to

Creative Digital History Submission:

Win one of ten prizes up to $300 by submitting one of the following (along with a 250 word explanation of their

project in Chicago format)

  1. Infographic → create a “how to” infographic in a historical period (minimum of 10 slides or a 2-page poster). Can be submitted in a PNG, JPEG or PDF format.

  2. Video → Maximum 3-minute video that is centered around a historical moment, person or event. Ideas include a whiteboard video, a draw my life video, a historical reenactment, a Canadian Heritage Minute, an interview with historical figure, a trailer for historical movie, a news reel for a historical event, etc. Can be submitted in an MP4 format or a Youtube link.

  3. GIS Historical Maps → a map depicting a historical phenomenon (must include images, tables, and a description). The map can be depicted through screenshots in a PDF format.

History Students Award:

Win the ultimate trivia prize of $200 by competing in the most competitive Kahoot tournament at uOttawa. More information will follow, make sure to follow @aehsauottawa on instagram.

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