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It’s that time of year again folks! The SAFA is offering over $50,000 worth of scholarships for all students within the SAFA! Keep reading to get all scholarship related information


1st $1500.00 (Volunteer of the Year Award)

2nd $1000.00 (2 awards)

3rd $500 (3 awards)

General Information

The Volunteer of the Year Award and the Volunteer Scholarship program rewards students for volunteering their time to organizations while studying at the University of Ottawa. Volunteering is an integral part of being a part of a greater community, and these awards recognize Faculty of Arts Students for the efforts in volunteerism. For this award please submit a one page response to the prompt below and one reference letter no more than one page in length detailing your experience as a volunteer.

Scholarship Requirement:

Tell us about your experience in the past year volunteering? How has it changed? Has it affected your schooling or area of study? Discuss each volunteer work you undertook and how it's important to this question.

All submissions can be sent to

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