SAFA By Elections

SAFA By Elections have officially begun! Now is your chance to get involved in your Faculty Association as well as it's Member Associations!


Any positions not filled during our General Election in the Spring are open for the fall!


There are three positions open on the SAFA Executive that are open to anyone in the Faculty of Arts. There are also three positions open on ADELSA, which represents students in Linguistics.


Fill out a nomination form, submit it at the SAFA Office or to elections@artsuottawa.ca.


10 Signatures are required to run for a SAFA position, and 5 for ADELSA.


Any questions can be sent to the Elections CEO, Kiana Cooper, at elections@artsuottawa.ca


Candidates who submit a nomination form late will have limited campaigning time, or may not appear on the ballot.


October 9th: Deadline to submit a nomination form

October 10th: All Candidates Meeting

October 11th-20th: Campaigning Period

October 21st & 22nd: Voting Days

October 25th: Election Results Posted

November 14th: Election Results Officially Ratified by the SAFA Board of Directors

nomination forms


Vice President of Communications, Francophone

VP Communications Francophone is in charge of communicating with the Francophone students at the Faculty of Arts. This includes writing newsletters, editing our website, and promoting SAFA events on our Social Media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Discord, etc.)

Vice President of Philanthropy

VP Philanthropy created charity and philanthropy based events throughout the year. This includes Phil Day during 101 Week, the Charitable Pet Calendar, and more! They also aid the VP Social in incorporating Philanthropy into all SAFA events.

Vice President of Equity

VP Equity is in charge of ensuring all students of the Faculty are included and not discriminated against. They advocate for students rights and ensure accessibility and inclusion of all SAFA and Faculty of Arts functions. They also run Equity and Activism related events and chair the Equity Round Table.


Vice President of Social

VP Social creates many events throughout the year for Linguistics students and professors to enjoy. This includes the annual Wine and Cheese!

First Year Representative

The First Year Representative advocates for first year students in Linguistics at the ADÉLSA Executive. They also communicate with the first year students and ensure their voices are represented on ADÉLSA. 

Vice President of Equity

VP Equity is in charge of ensuring that all Linguistics students are being respected and included. They advocate for Linguistics students at the Department of Linguistics and at SAFA's Equity Round Table.