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The Student Association for the Faculty of Arts (SAFA) has within its member associations in addition to its own executive. A member association (or MA) exists for each department within the faculty (History, Philosophy, Theatre, Visual Arts, etc.)


The SAFA will be offering $50,000 in scholarships this year; with $25,000 for all SAFA students and $25,000 for students part of specific MAs.


SAFA-Wide Scholarships include:

  • Research Scholarship, 

  • Volunteer Scholarship

  • Internal Scholarship (Restricted to members of a Member Association, the Board of Directors or a Committee of the SAFA)

  • Live, Laugh, Love Award,

  • Bourse de la francophonie,

  • International Students Scholarship

  • Innovation award

  • Indigenous Student Leader Scholarship

Requirements for each award vary, applicants should read the requirements carefully.

All scholarships are open to students in majors, minors and/or micro programs within the Faculty of Arts. Certain scholarships are offered to specific groups of students, only applicants from these groups of students will be considered for those awards.

Each Scholarship has its own set of requirements and applicants should read the requirements carefully to avoid any confusion.


Unless otherwise stated, the submissions for the scholarships should be in PDF or Word document format and limited to the number of pages stated in the prompt. All applications will be reviewed by the SAFA Scholarship Committee, and will be subjected to the review process as outlined in the SAFA Constitution.

All submissions must be sent to Micha Kasongo at with subject line “Scholarship Submission: Name of Scholarship you are applying for” (Ex: Scholarship Submission: Research).

**Please include your full name (First and Last) and student number in your submission**. 

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