How SAFA Works

The Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts:

  • is a non profit corporation 

  • includes over 4000 members 

  • is one of the biggest student associations at the University of Ottawa

  • is run by an executive committee of eight elected members who, in turn, is overseen by a board made up of each of our 14 departmental associations’ representatives


The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing and directing the business of the association, from the policy decisions to approving the budget. The Executive Committee is elected every year during the winter semester. The eight positions responsible for the association’s daily administration are:

  • President

  • ​VP Finance

  • VP Social Affairs

  • VP Philanthropic 

  • VP University Affairs

  • VP Communications (anglophone)

  • VP Communications (francophone)

  • VP Internal Affairs

Non elected positions include:


  • BOD Chairperson

  • Comptroller

  • 101 Week Coordinator

  • Social Commissioner

ARTS represents the interests of undergraduate students of the Faculty of Arts within the UOSU, the Faculty, the University, the community, and the provincial and federal governments. The students’ association also works to foster a sense of community through social and cultural events while offering a variety of services to its members.

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