Summer Locker Rentals:

Lockers during the summer are free to any University of Ottawa student. The student must respect the space and make no damages to the locker. All belongings will have to be removed before Thursday August 29th as the locks will be cut on August 30th. 


Academic Year Locker Rentals:

Lockers in Simard Hall are available to rent for $15 per semester or $20 per academic year. Locker PRE-SALES for the 2019-2020 academic year will take place on Wednesday August 28th from 5pm-7pm, Thursday August 29th from 1pm-3:30pm, and Friday August 30th from 1pm-3:30pm. Only cash payments are allowed for the locker rentals. Please bring the exact amount as change will be limited. Once the payment is received and the locker contract is signed, you will be able to access your locker as of SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST 2019


Please note any belongings placed in the lockers before then will be removed IMMEDIATELY and the lock will be cut. Your belongings will be placed in the SAFA Office and will only available for pick up on September 9th ONLY during Official Office hours. Any SAFA executive can approve the locker rental. For any questions or inquiries regarding locker rentals, please contact Allison Harrod at

To rent a locker in Simard Hall,

email to set up an appointment. 


$15 for one semester and $20 for the year