Cafe Alt

Being a member of SAFA has it's perks. Check out the page on "Cafe Alt" for more information about how this great location can be of use to you, or stop by one day to study! 


SAFA wants to stay transparent for you, the members, so please check by the Documents page to get access to our previous meeting minutes, as well as other helpful forms and documents. 


SAFA offers many services to you, the student, as part of our mandate. Check out this page to get more information! 


Check out the awesome clothing on sale this year, and pre-purchase your items online if the option is available at the time! 

Helpful Links

Check out this page to get access to a bunch of helpful services both on campus and in Ottawa that will help you out during your years at Ottawa. 

Other Federated Bodies

Take a look at all the other Federated Bodies, and learn about how they can help you with your minor, other major, or just to check out what they're currently doing.