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Being a member of SAFA has its perks. SAFA offers you many great services throughout the year: 

Social Programming

From 101 Week in September all the way to ARTS Ball in March, there is a continuous flow of original activities. Since 2003, in order to allow our departments to shine, Arts Week is planned for the first week of October. Take a look at the "Events" tab, and make sure you keep up to date on the upcoming events. Events ranging from social to academic to philanthropic are widely known on campus, so be a part of it! 

Locker Rentals

Locker rentals – Do you need a place to store your things between classes? Rent a locker in Simard Hall at $15/semester and $20 for two semesters. For more information, or to rent a locker simply email or to find a time to meet and fill out the locker rental form along with paying the deposit. 

Café Alternatif

SAFA is found in the sub-basement of Simard Hall within the Café Alternatif, our very own ARTS hangout. The Café is also available for reservation to students for various events. It is equipped with a 60″ LCD screen, an a/v centre, projector and screen. Contact for more info!


SAFA is pleased to be able to offer several scholarships that are open to our members . To apply, check out the Scholarship page. 

Student Advocacy and Representation

Do you have a problem with a professor? Do you have ideas to improve your program? Feel free to stop by the office! We are your ideal link to the administration and we all have experience in dealing with student politics. We’ll do everything we can to get your issues or concerns heard.

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