Why uOttawa!

The first 50 reasons are especially about the Faculty of Arts.

The rest will cover what the University has to offer.

I love the Faculty of Arts because


1. Our dean attends Arts ball.

2. I can now understand Latin and Greek.

3. I’ve learned to read ancient texts.

4. There’s a whole building for the Theatre Department.

5. I can express myself freely.

6. There’s a whole building for the School of Music.

7. I can act in both official languages.

8. It offers a tremendous diversity of courses.

9. We can dress up at the medieval fair.

10. I can read Shakespeare without footnotes.

11. I can attend Dirty Bingo.

12. We defy the conventional!

13. We have Café Alternatif.

14. Student life in the Faculty of Arts is the best in the University, with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

15. There are many opportunities for field camps in Geography. Whether you want to go to the Arctic, 

Patagonia, Montreal, New York or the Swiss Alps, there are so many possibilities.

16. I can speak in English ou en français in all my classes.

17. We have so many students who want to be involved, and help make a difference within the Faculty.

18. The Theater Department puts on great shows.

19. All the Arts buildings are really close to each other and I don't have to walk too far.

20. SAFA throws great events that are fun and awesome.

21. The Theatre Department holds extracurricular workshops to teach extra theatrical techniques.

22. Our student executive is extremely welcoming.

23. I feel well represented by the executives of my program.

24. We are shown the different ways to earn a living with our program.

25. I can participate in the Translation Games.

26. I can participate in the Géolympiades.

27. The Faculty is always there to help me.

28. The teacher assistants are very helpful.

29. We have so many students who want to be involved and help make a difference within the Faculty.

30. The students are passionate enough to spend hours debating who the best prof is.

31. I can do part of my major abroad.

32. I can do anything with an Arts degree.

33. I have learned so many things in different fields that my resume is impeccable.

34. I can learn many languages that can open many doors for me in the future.

35. If I choose to make a difference in my school, I can.

36. I can participate in the 24 Hour Theatre Project.

37. I can now use translation tools.

38. With a Translation degree I can work as a Translator, Interpreter, Terminologist, Reviser, Editor, or Writer.

39. I can build a term bank.

40. The professors are very passionate about their different fields, and make you feel like they actually want to teach you and want you to succeed.

41. The Theatre Department gives students the opportunity to work with professionals.

42. The professors always challenge their students to meet their potential.

43. Some professors have the power to inspire you to change your major.

44. We are offered plenty of networking opportunities.

45. I have the opportunity to study with some of the best and most knowledgeable musicians in the country.

46. The Theatre Department allows me to learn and specialize in different aspects of theatre.

47. Many classes are offered in small classrooms, allowing a more personalized approach from professors.

48. I have unlimited access to facilities such as practice spaces for music and rehearsal rooms.

49. I have the chance to get involved in 101 Week as a guide and motivate other people to volunteer and 

participate in student life.

50. The Theatre Department allows students to learn both French and English styles of theatre.