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It’s that time of year again folks! The SAFA is offering over $50,000 worth of scholarships for all students within the SAFA! Keep reading to get all scholarship related information

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Now March, 15th, 2023 


 1st $2000.00

2nd $1500.00

3rd $1000.00

4th 3 awards of $500.00

General Information

The Research Scholarship program is offered to THIRD and FOURTH year students wishing to seek out funding for advanced research in their field. This research does not have to be limited just to a discipline within the arts but at least one component of the research must be considered an arts program. For example, a project researching political history would be acceptable because it is researching both political science and history. The Research Scholarship is unique in its requirements for applications and can be time consuming to apply.


Scholarship Requirement:

Describe your research or creative work and why it’s important to you, your discipline, and/or any relevant communities. 

Please include a letter of reference from a professor, a copy of your resume, an example of your work, and a description of your research project. Your description should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

All submissions can be sent to

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