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Elections 2024

Say hi to your candidates!

Here are our candidates and their platforms for SAFA's General Elections 2024! Take this opportunity to learn more about your prospective student leadership for the next year. 

SAFA general elections (11022024).png


Join us for the Public Forum on March 26th at 6PM where you’ll have the chance to ask questions to the candidates!

Want to learn more?

Please note that late nominations will be accepted for all positions with no candidates, up until the ordering of ballots on March 22nd at noon.


My name is Julianne LeBlanc, and I am a second-year student majoring in French Literature and Education, with a minor in History. I am excited to run for the position of President of the AÉFA for the 2024-2025 term. My commitment as VP of Francophone Affairs last year allowed me to rediscover my passion for leadership. I had the opportunity to organize various events, coordinate meetings for the Francophone Committee, and collaborate with several student governments, where I gained significant experience in customer service, administration, and management. 


As President of the SAFA, one of my goals is to strengthen the bilingual character of the association to foster a sense of belonging for all students. Coming from outside Ontario myself, I understand the challenges of moving away from one's hometown. That's why I am committed to promoting an inclusive culture for all students, whether they are first years, Francophones, or international students, to strengthen the family feeling of the Faculty of Arts. Highly aware of the importance of effective communication, I also pledge to improve exchanges between the various bodies of the Faculty of Arts: the presidency and the executive, the executive, and the MAS, as well as the board of directors and the students. The SAFA represents a diversity of programs and students with varied interests. Therefore, I am committed to carefully listening to the opinions of all students to best meet their needs through tailored events and initiatives. As President, I will prioritize honesty, responsibility, equity, and communication throughout my term. From March 28th at 9 am to March 30th at 11:59 pm, vote for Julianne LeBlanc. Feel free to contact me on Instagram! @Julianne.LeBlanc.SAFA


Hi everyone, my name is Shree Mathur and I’m going into my third year in Philosophy and Political Science. As the sole VP Communications for the SAFA for the last year, I’ve had the privilege of spearheading all our communications initiatives while supervising two wonderful directors. If you’ve ever seen a SAFA post on your feed, or email in your inbox in the past year, it was likely made by me in the hopes that it attracted you to a worthwhile event or opportunity from us! Through sitting on various committees and working alongside the present executive to organize events, I’ve also developed a deep appreciation for the actual operations within the association which I hope to mobilize into real and effective leadership in this new role! As your VP University Affairs, I hope to contribute to the meaningful effort enveloping student government through a twofold focus on academic advocacy, through effective and student-focused liaisons with the Faculty; and recognizing student excellence, through a robust scholarships program and the reinvigoration of the SAFA Publications Committee. If you'd like to see these changes within your student leadership, vote “YES” from March 28th to 30th!

Questions or concerns? Let’s chat!


Hello everybody! My name is Kaitlyn Del-Pivo, and I am running for VP Social Affairs. I am a first-year student majoring in French Immersion Theatre Studies. I have held the position of VP Socials this past year, being a part of the team since January. So far, I have produced so many fun and exciting events. Unfortunately, because of my low time on the team, I have not been able to put on the bigger events I have been planning. I am hoping to be able to put my plans into action next year! I am optimistic for making many fun events for SAFA students next year, to de-stress, unwind, hangout, make new friends and have fun memories! My goal is to hold a minimum of 2 events per month, that way you can make time in your schedule to take a study break, move around a bit and have some fun. The worst feeling is being crammed into your room between classes studying, so why not take an hour here or there and go to social events? Why not keep up the excitement of the first year 101 week throughout your university career? My hope as VP Social Affairs is to make a welcoming environment where students can take a breather and just simply have some fun, be a young adult and forget about the stress of your studies. Vote for Kaitlyn as VP Social Affairs to make the most of your campus involvement!


My name is Sulaiman Ahmed and my pronouns are he/him. I am a 2nd year student in Interdisciplinary Studies and I am running for the position of VP Communications Anglophone on the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts (SAFA). During 101 Week, I worked as a guide, an experience that sparked my interest in student government. I felt inspired to make a difference in students’ lives, like 101 Week had impacted mine. Since then, I have been working as the Director of Promotions on SAFA. Through designing merchandise, assisting with various events, and creating engaging social media content alongside our current VP Communications, I have gained the necessary experience and knowledge to excel in this position. As VP Communications Anglophone, I will create monthly newsletters, manage SAFA’s website and social media accounts, and promote events and initiatives to the student body. I also propose making a simple guide to clarify common terminology and procedures used on SAFA for executive members and MAs, to reduce misunderstandings. If needed, I will facilitate communication between the president and the executive members to prevent any miscommunications. If you support my vision, please vote yes between March 28th and 30th!

Still looking to get involved?

All of these positions require 20 signatures from any student in the Faculty of Arts, minus Communication programs. All of these positions must pass a bilingualism test, or prove their bilingualism in another way. However, if there is only one candidate for a given position, the bilingualism requirement may be waived.

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